Metallica can still play

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I managed to snag some tickets to Metallica this past weekend. Definately worth it. Granted, I don't particularly care for their newer releases. Fortunately, these guys played a lot of pre-black album stuff. It was worth it to hear One and Fade to Black. 

Fade to Black

Oh, and they like to spit a lot. 


 These guys have a lot of props. They brought at least 6 or 7 semi-trailers worth of equipment. There were huge moving coffins filled with lights, cameras and lasers constantly coming down and going up in ceiling.

Metallica likes its coffins


Apparently, most of what they brought was combustable.


 They are very meticulous with their sound.  Lars is constantly running off the stage between sets to adjust levels.


If you don't mind when your ears ringing for 3 days afterwards, check them out on tour.