Back to school, kinda



Although I have a degree in Computer Science, my degree doesn’t necessarily specialize me in any certain thing. I suppose you could could compare having a Computer Science degree in the IT field with having an Anatomy degree in a Medical Surgeon field. I understand the very nature of computers, but am not specifically qualified to do specific advanced operations, even though I could feel my way through it by way of understanding the underlying principles. I plan to change this: there are potential income gains and desirable additions of job sophistication. Professional IT certifications are generally regarded as the equivalent to a degree in the IT field.

My current job allows me to do what ever I am capable of and third partying out the rest. So far I’ve done some ASP.NET programming and SQL database design. Perhaps I gravitated towards those disciplines because thats what I was interested in? I truly like my job, but I am also ready for something more advanced. My programming background makes me yearn for a programming certification. So, I broke down and purchased some study materials.

I have officially started studying for a MCDBA (Microsoft Certified Database Administrator) certification. I was a student of logic as well, and SQL is the perfect marriage of true logic and programming. There are atleast 6 certification exams one has to take to get this, several which also go towards a MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) and MCAD (Microsoft Certified Application Developer) certification. I might as well plan to get the other two as well.

Whoah…baby steps first; walk before I run. I’ve gotta finish this 1000 page book first and pass the first test. Upon passing a single test, I will be recognized as a Certified Microsoft Professional, which will satisfy me to a certain extent. However, a certification involves passing several. Meh, I’ll write about my progress.